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UC2858B+ LCR Meter
UC2858B+ LCR Meter

UC2858B+ LCR Meter

UC2856B+(50HZ-100KHZ 10 Freq) UC2858B+(50HZ-200KHZ 37 Freq)
UC2856B+/58B+ series precision LCR Meter is a multifunctional device tester used for testing various electronic components like capacitor, inductor and resistor.
Product Detail

Performance Characteristics

4.3 inch LCD display,more intuitive
■ 50 Hz-200 kHz,37 typical frequencies
■ Different kinds of signal sources output impedance such as 25 Ω、30 Ω、50 Ω、100 Ω
■ Built-in comparator, ten files sorting and file count function
■ 100 groups of internal setting files, U disk expand multiple groups of test files to save or call.
■ Software version of the instrument can be upgraded and updated by USB HOST.
■ It is more convenient to save data with U disk copy screen function. the file systems with format FAT16, FAT32 are supported.
■ Standard RS232C, HANDLER, USB HOST, optional GPIB

Brief Introduction
■ UC2858B+ is a LCR meter for testing all kinds of electronic components. The most popular 4.3inch LCD display is used, it is more intuitive and more comfortable for users to read test results. It is an impedance tester with high speed, wide measurement range and five bits’ testing resolution, which can meet the requirements of production line quality assurance, purchase inspection and laboratory measurement.

General Specifications

Operating temperature & humidity

0°C-40°C, £90%RH

Power requirements


100 ~ 120 Vac
OR 198 ~ 242 Vac



Power loss

≤ 30VA

Volume (W×H×D)


About 2.5kg

Ordering Information
UC2858B+Precision LCR meter

Instrument Accessories
UC26001A Four-end test fixture
UC26004-1 Four ends Kelvin test cable
UC26010A Gold-plated short film

Technical Specifications

Measurement function

test parameter

| Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ

Test frequency

50,60,100,120,1K,10K,20K,40K,50K,100K, 10 frequencies

Test frequency

50、60、80、100、120、150、200、250、300、400、500、600、800、1K、1.2K、1.5K、2K、2.5K、3K、4K、5K、6K、8K、10K、12K、15K、20K、25K、30K、40K、50K、60K、80K、100K、120K、150K、200K(Hz) ,37 frequencies

Basic measurement accuracy


Equivalent circuit

Series, parallel

Math function

Absolute deviation, percentage deviation

Range method

Automatic, hold, manual selection

Trigger mode

Internal, manual, external, bus

Measurement speed(≥1kHz)

Fast speed: 40 times/Sec at most, medium speed: 11 times/Sec, slow speed: 3 times/Sec

Average times


Delay time

0—60s, step 1ms

Correction function

Open circuit / short circuit / load

Test end configuration

Five ends

Display mode

Direct reading,Δ,Δ%,V/I(Measured voltage / current monitor)


5 bits resolution, 4.3 inch LCD display

Test signal

Test signal frequency

50 Hz-200 kHz

Output impedance

Optional 25Ω,30 Ω,50Ω,100 Ω

Test signal level

Normal :0-1V, accuracy:10%

Display range

|Z|, R, X

0.01m Ω — 99.999 MΩ

|Y|, G, B

0.0001µS — 99.999 S


0.0001 pF — 9.9999 F


0.0001 µH — 999.99 H


0.0001 — 9.9999


0.0001 — 99999

θ (DEG)

-179.99º — 179.99 º

θ (RAD)

-3.14159 — 3.14159


Comparator function

Ten-files sorting function


100 groups of internal setting files for storage / call, external 500 groups


Standard RS232C, USB HOST, optional GPIB, HANDLER

Optional Accessories

UC26009B SMD Test pliers
UC26008A SMD Test box
UC10201 Data acquisition software

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