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UC5815-S4 Four Channel Impulse Winding Tester
UC5815-S4 Four Channel Impulse Winding Tester

UC5815-S4 Four Channel Impulse Winding Tester

UC5815-S4( 5kV/ 200Msps/ 0.25J/ four channel)
Impulse winding tester is a multi-function test instrument which can test the interlay insulation of the coil, winding, transformer and motor etc
The UC5815-S4 is specially designed for the three phase coil and motor
Product Detail

Performance Characteristics
■ Waveform sampling rate is 100Msps/200Msps, storage depth is 6.5kBytes
■ 7 inch 65k color 16: 9 TFT display, resolution is 800×480
■ Comparison of four waveforms: area, area difference, corona and phase difference.
■ Excellent test repeatability can ensure stable and consistent test results
The horizontal stretching & movement of the waveform and amplitude of the zoom can meet your all-round vision.
Powerful corona extraction function can detect the insulation problems of the potential product early.
■ It has the automatic storage function after Instrument parameters being modified, boot files can be automatically loaded.
■ Standard automatic acquisition function help you automatically select the appropriate sampling rate,
■ Destructive tests make you choose the right test voltage.
■ The application of the demagnetizing pulse ensures that the test waveform is consistent.
Standard sample averaging function can process the standard waveform averaging up to 32 times.
■ The firmware version can be upgraded and updated by USB HOST.
■ U disk can support file systems with format FAT16, FAT32,the current screen image or waveform data can be quickly saved through the instrument panel shortcut keys.
■ Standard RS232C、HANDLER、USB HOST,USB device optional GPIB、LAN interface.

Brief Introduction
UC5800 series Impulse winding tester adopts the most popular 7-inch 800x480 color TFT LCD display, a mainstream high-performance 32-bit processor and high-speed FPGA is also used. UC5800 series providing a sampling rate 100 Msps/200Msps and a sampling storage depth of 6.5k bytes,which make the test more accurate. At the same time the instruments series also use a high-voltage power supply with high stability and the high-voltage switching devices controlled by thyristor module,so the accuracy, stability and reliability of the product’s test can be improved greatly. All the present popular interface functions are provided by this series of instruments, data communication with PC, remote control and graphics storage in real time can be easily realized.

Ordering Information
UC5800 series Impulse winding tester

Instrument Accessories
UC26035 high voltage test cables
UC6801-01 Pedal start switch
power cable

Test Interface
Sampling rate is up to 100Msps/200Msps, which can actually reflect the size of the corona mass produced by the coil test.

Instrument type






Pulse voltage

100V~3000 V, 10V for the step,Voltage accuracy is ±5%+15V

100V~5000 V, 10V for the step,

Voltage accuracy is ±5%+15V

Channel numbers

1 channel

4 channel

Sampling rate






Measurement speed

12 times/sec

Pulse energy

Maximum is 0.09 J

Maximum is 0.25 J

Inductance test range


The number of applied pulses

Test pulse is up to 32 times at most, degaussing pulse is up to 16 times at most

Input impedance


Waveform acquisition

Sampling rate of 100Msps can be 10 grade adjustable
Sampling rate of 200Msps can be 11 grade adjustable
Sampling resolution: 8 Bits
Waveform storage depth : 6500 Bytes
Sample average :1-32

Display screen

7 inch 65k color 800 * 480 dot TFT display
waveform display range 650x256,support x2,x3times enlarge

Judgment method

Area, area difference, corona, phase difference

Waveform parameter measurement

Voltage, frequency, time

Test accuracy of repeatability


Trigger mode

Manual trigger, external trigger, bus trigger, internal trigger

Output distinguish

OK/NG screen display, LED lights instructions, buzzer alarm

Measurement statistics

With statistical function of measurement results



Store 300 groups of waveform data and instrument parameters’ setting


Store 600 groups of waveform data and instrument parameters’ setting


Standard RS232C、HANDLER、USB HOST,USB Device,optional GPIB、LAN interface

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